The world of Internet Marketing & Digital Media

Purple Minds is a digital media company that specializes in monetizing online media like website portals, display ads and search engines for brands around the world. Putting our online marketing expertise to work, our foucs is on creating unique concepts to make the most out of Internet Marketing projects.

Creative and Analytical approach

In our effort to create and explore new opportunities we try to make the most of our creativity and analytical talents. Taking new approaches to existing models and researching markets for chances, we believe that succesful online marketing is a perfect combination between creativity and data analysis.

Global learnings

By managing websites and online media all over the world we’re able to apply international learnings and best practices into our business. This global perspective allows us to explore new media concepts in different markets and find that internet marketing sweet spot.

Technology focussed

Internet business and technology go hand in hand. At Purple Minds we use a vast range of online marketing tools which enables us to achieve a leading competitive advantage.